Our Governance

CONE Midstream Partners Governance Documents

We believe that the highest standards of corporate governance are essential to our business credibility and performance. We aim to implement best practices in corporate governance in all of our operations, while living up to our core values of safety, integrity, continuous improvement, and improving the lives of our stakeholders.

The CONE Midstream Partners Board of Directors has adopted Corporate Governance Guidelines to assist it in the exercise of its responsibilities to provide effective governance over our affairs for the benefit of our employees, customers, suppliers and unit owners.  In addition, CONE Midstream has adopted a Code of Business Conduct, which sets forth legal and ethical standards of conduct for all our officers, directors and employees.

CONE Midstream also complies with the governance standards of the NYSE, where our limited partnership units are listed.

Information about CONE Midstream Partners corporate governance may be found in the following documents:


Corporate Governance Guidelines

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Parnership Agreement

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Whistleblower Policy

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Audit Committee Charter

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